My Teachers

Kh.A. Rakhmatulin
(1909 - 1988)

U.M. Dubova-Sergeeva
(1916 - 1986)
     Professor Emeritus of Science and Engineering of Russia, Member of Russian Academy of Science, outstanding scientist and talented teacher Khalil Akhmedovich Rakhmatulin was the founder and head of gas and wave sub-faculty of M.Lomonosov Moscow State University, department of mechanics and mathematics, from 1953 till 1988.
    Kh.A. Rakhmatulin's works reflect a wide range of his scientific interests. Fundamental results, obtained by him, have a great scientific and applied significance in many fields of modern mechanics:

the theory of elastic and elastic-plastic waves spreading; difraction of shock waves spreading in the gas; theory of parachute and aerodynamics of permeable bodies; soil dynamics; multiphase medium flow; chemical technology and so on.

     Kh.A. Rakhmatulin was awarded by numerous orders, medals and prestige scientific prizes. Thanks to his famous papers in theory of parachute he created scientific school of parachute construction in Russia. His contribution to preparation of the great number of highly qualified specialists (Ph.D. and Doctors of Science), working in different universities and developing scientific research in mechanics in many countries, is invaluable.
     Meritorious Art Worker of Russia Undina Mikhailovna Dubova-Sergeeva was founder and head of M.Lomonosov Moscow State University Piano Class, from 1936 till 1986.
     Thanks to her activity during this period more than 7000 concerts were prepared and performed by the members of Piano Class. Outstanding and very famous pianists and musicians prof. of Moscow Conservatoire Heinrich G. Neuhaus and prof. of S.-Petersburg Conservatoire Leonid V. Nikolaev were her Teachers.

     U.M. Dubova-Sergeeva was  awarded by numerous medals,  honourable certificates and special diploma  for her great contribution in progress of cultural creative work.

     Famous composers and pianists  H.G. Neuhaus, A.I. Khachaturian, V.I. Soloviev-Sedoi, S.S. Tulikov and others expressed their praise to Piano Class. 

     A.I. Khachaturian: "Concert performances of Piano Class are distinguished with high artistic taste, creative keenness, logical consistency of music conception ... in the person of U.M. Dubova-Sergeeva MSU Palace of Culture has a talented teacher, combining at the same time a capacity of gifted pianist, performing with impressive concert programs".

I am happy that I had an unique possibility to be student of such wonderful and talented, kind and fair, respected and beloved Persons by all, who knew them, my dear Teachers Undina Mikhailovna Dubova-Sergeeva and Khalil Akhmedovich Rakhmatulin.
I always remember both of them with a great gratitude and love. Their bright image is always in my heart...